Unsure what we're talking about? Here is a guide to some commonly used terms.

In K2 Items, K2 Categories, and Custom Modules you will find the same Editing Menu.

Editing menu

When you log in to your website's backend you will arrive at your Control Panel, also known as Dashboard. There you will find shortcut icons leading to your most frequently used features of your website.

Note, each website is custom built but your Control Panel will look similar to this:


As you navigate in Joomla, remember you can always click on the Joomla icon in the upper left corner from any screen to return the Control Panel.


Copy refers to the edited, proofed, and approved text you'd like to display publicly somewhere on your website.

Individual pieces of content that work like pages on your website.

Example: Each board member has its own item that contains text/copy and an image.

All items

The main buckets/siloes you organize items into.

Example: Board Members.

Most of your copy will be in your Items but on occasion you may find content (images, links, copy) in a Category.


Modules are set up specific to your website layout and objectives - usually they are either managing a function such as a news feed or slideshow, or appear as static text such as a donate button or a footer.

Most blocks located on the sidebars or footers are controlled in the Module Manager which you can view by going to Extensions > Module Manager or clicking Modules from the Control Panel.

For best results, do not edit or delete modules unless you know what you are doing. You may also see modules loaded into pages on occasion to help manage category feeds (such as board or staff pages or other more robust content needs). If you need help changing the configuration for modules, email .

Your site is set up with pre-defined styles for the various built in heading style. The size, color, spacing, etc are all defined in the stylesheet so changes can be made universally.


(usually reserved for the item title)