Your Fonts, Colors, and Layout

The fonts, colors, and layout of your site are all parts of its design. These were all specifically chosen when your website was created. We custom design each of these aspects within every website we create, starting from scratch without the use of pre-made templates or styles. The choices in fonts, colors, and layout relate to design and accessibility best practices, and were informed by your branding, style guide (if applicable), and more. These styles are housed on several custom-built cascading style sheets (CSS) that relate to specific variable content layouts, components, template positions, etc.

We do not recommend that you attempt to change these aspects of your website on your own — these were all set up very specifically and even seemingly slight adjustments can have unintended consequences that can be difficult to fix. 

If it feels like it's time for any of these elements to be refreshed, please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to discuss your options.