Editing Your Homepage

Various components make up your homepage. Review these articles for guidance.

There are many nuances and variations with how the hero image space is managed on your website. Please contact Third Sun Support at with your specific request, i.e. If you have different copy or a new image you'd like to have on your homepage hero. Please include any image attachments or specific details in your email.

Items displayed on your homepage are likely managed in one of two ways:

1. News Category

As you add Items to your News Category and publish them, they appear on the homepage in chronological order based on published date. (See Edit Items and Categories for more information.)


2. Featured

You choose which Items are Featured. Then the Items display on your homepage based on Featured being on or off.


If you have events displayed on your homepage in date, time, description format they are likely being fed from your Calendar component. For additional help, please contact Third Sun Support at

Every website we develop is custom built specifically for you, so there are unique variations in how content is displayed on the homepage. 

To edit content on your homepage you can do one of two things:

1. Look in Modules for your content. See our Editing Modules help docs for more information.


2. Contact Third Sun Support at  for support tailored to your specific needs. Please be as detailed as possible with your request.