Adding a "Read More" to Define Intro Text

Sometimes you have a page like Staff or Blog with many items, and you want to display a bit of intro text for each item on that main Staff or Blog page like a job title or the first sentence, and then allow someone to click the item for a full description. This is accomplished with a "Read More" break. Below we walk through an example.

Our blog has stories with a little bit of intro text showing after the title:

read more blog

To define what intro text shows, like on the first story for Design for Good, we can add a "Read More" where we want the break:

read more

Here is how the full blog post looks when you click on it:

read more full

These are a consideration in the site's design from when it was built, if you have a staff or blog page using them already then your site was set up to use them. If you don't have them already but have a new section where they would be useful, reach out and let us know and we can get you set up.