If you have a donation form on you website, then you are likely using the JoomDonate component. Here you can edit fields on your donation form, export donors, and create new campaigns/donation forms.

Do you want to export the information that's been entered via your donation form to use somewhere else?

1. From the JoomDonate dashboard, select Donors.

donors dash

2. From the donor list select the a specific donor or select a Campaign from the dropdown. Next click on Export Donors. A CSV file will be saved to your computer. A CSV file can be opened in Programs like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.


Do you need to edit your existing donation form?

1. From the JoomDonate dashboard select Custom Fields.

custom fields

2. From the field list you can see all the created fields, whether they are required, and whether they are published. Select one to edit or create a new one by clicking New.

field list

3. To create a new field you need to complete the following:

Name - Used for backend reference.
Title - This is what the user sees.
Field Type - You can choose from a variety of options like Radio or List.
Required - Must the user complete this field to proceed or not?

Save as you edit. Save & Close when you are finished.

new field

Do you need to change who gets notified when your website processes a donation? Would you like to edit the confirmation email the User receives?

1. Go to JoomDonate via your Control Panel.


2. From the JoomDonate dashboard, select Configuration.

jd configuration

3. From Configuration, tab to Emails & Messages. Here you can edit the From Name and From Email the user sees and who is notified when a donation is completed.

email msgs

NOTE: Configuration controls emails and messages for all of your Campaigns (donation forms). If you'd like to adjust these settings for a specific Campaign, go to Campaigns, select, tab to Messages.

Campaigns are helpful if you desire any of the following:

  1. Variations in fields of your various donation forms.

  2. Variations in appearance of your various donation forms.

  3. Keep track of donations based on campaign.

  4. Have a short-term fundraising campaign.

For example, you have one donation form where you process memberships and other form where you process legacy gifts. You will likely need to have variations in fields and intro text.

To Create a Campaign

1. From the JoomDonate dashboard select Campaigns.

2. Select New.

new campaign

3. Under the General tab make sure to address the following:

  • Title

  • Single and/or Reoccurring donations

  • Published


4. Under the Messages tab make sure to address the following:

  • list donation amounts

  • list any associated text

If you plan to have this Campaign's messages differ from those set up in Configuration you will need to create your new ones here. Scroll down to see your various message options.


5. Save & Close.

6. You can assign a campaign when you edit a donation form in JoomDonate.