Your Hero Image or Slider at Top of the Page

There are many nuances and variations with how the hero image space is managed on your website. They are set at a specific size and ratio, they may be designed with text that is set to behave in a specific way, we take your top menu and navigation into consideration when they're created, and they are set up with considerations for desktop and mobile performance.

Please contact Third Sun Support at with your specific request, i.e. If you have different copy or a new image you'd like to have on your homepage hero. Please include any image attachments or specific details in your email. Remember: these images are the first thing many people see when visiting your site and they need to be large enough to be seen clearly and best represent your organization. If you're not sure, please err on the side of an image that may seem too big. We can resize an image down, but they can't be resized to be larger.