Why Aren't My Changes Showing Up?

If you're making edits on your site and they are not appearing on the front end, it's likely a caching issue. Here are three things to try:

  • Refresh the page on the front end of the site. It may seem obvious but it's any easy step to overlook.
  • Try clearing the website's cache by clicking the "Clean Cache" button in the bottom of Joomla on the site's backend.
    clean cache
  • Try clearing your browser's cache. Here are instructions for Chrome and Firefox, these are the browser's we recommend for making edits on your website. You do not need to clear your browsing history or cookies, just your cache.

If you've tried these steps and your edits are still not appearing, you can contact us for help. Please be as detailed as possible with links, screenshots, and a full description of your problem.