our process

We get asked a lot about what the process looks like when we work with clients. While every client is different, we have some tried and true steps that apply to most projects. The process always starts with questions and listening — which continue throughout all the steps to make sure we’re on track. More than anything, we want our work to move your goals along in the right direction so we sketch, revise, and refine until everything comes together. And after we’re done with your project, we’ll still be here for you.


  • Gather assets and information
  • Ask questions and listen; repeat
  • Get organized around client goals


  • Find and define the voice and feel
  • Sketch some ideas, then sketch some more
  • Iterate, revise, and implement


  • Continue to check in with client goals
  • Educate around best practices
  • Show the work


  • Collect client feedback
  • Refine, then refine some more
  • Repeat “Present” steps
go live

Go Live

  • Proof and finalize
  • Test and test again
  • Complete our go-live checklists
training and support

Training & Support

  • Provide customized training
  • Empower clients to get it done
  • Provide support and cheer you on!

what's next?

Branding, websites, and marketing are meant to evolve with your goals and needs — and sometimes just with the times and technology — so let us know how we can continue to help you create the most impact. 

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