Hero/Hero Image

You may hear us refer to your site's hero or hero image. The hero is the image at the top of your homepage — these are also sometimes called sliders, carousels, or other various names. Sometimes there are several images that rotate, and they often have text overlaid. If you're seeking to change your hero image, here's some info:


We recommend contacting us to swap out hero images. Here are some basic rules we like to follow:

  • images that are high-quality files (not too small - these may display on large screens and shouldn't be pixelated )
  • clear images with not too much distraction - this is the first thing people see, the message should be clear. Clutter gets in the way.
  • No infographics/flyers. There is a temptation to put important messages in the hero, but research shows these often get ignored by users. This is also not good for accessibility, they can be hard to read on different devices like phones, and do not work with screen readers. It's better to take the text from your flyer and put it in a news/blog item, then put a message on the homepage (or popup) directing users to the information.

To get it changed, please take these into consideration and reach out to us with your new image(s) and we can get them updated.