Using Hidden Menus for Shorter URLs

Sometimes you have a page on your site that has a long link that you'd like to shorten. This is handy when you want something short and snappy like in a flyer, or just for an easier time remembering for frequently used URLs like donation pages or online shops. 

For example, we have a portfolio page on our side project, the Utah Ale Trail, because it's in our Work category on our site the URL is If we want to type that quickly to share in an email or tell a friend about it, that URL is a little long. To shorten it, we create what's called a Hidden Menu item. Here's how: 

1. From your top navigation bar select Menus > Hidden > Add New Menu Item. add hidden menu

2. The next steps are almost identical to steps 2-4 outlined here:, but your Title should be the same as the new short URL ending you'd like. In our case we want the new URL to end /beer, so the title is "Beer". Don't add a Title Alias — this is generated automatically based on the Title you gave, and then your short URL is created from the Title Alias. Follow the rest of steps 2-4 as outlined in the link above to select your desired Item.

3. Once your item is selected, you don't need to follow any more steps from that page. In our case we selected the Item "Utah Ale Trail". Your page should look similar to this:

hidden menu

4. Once you've got your Item selected, Save and Close. You'll return to the main Hidden Menus screen, and should see a message at the top in a green box that says "Message: Menu item saved." 

5. Try out your new URL! It will be your main website address followed by a / and then the title of your Hidden Menu item, so we'd type in, and voila —  a shorter URL for sharing our page!