Image File Types: What’s the Difference?

For the web, the two main formats you want to use are jpg and png.


  • When to use: most of the time for photos.
  • Online (compressed format) = smaller file size = faster load times.
  • Avoid using for images with type/text or logos.
  • Does not allow for transparent backgrounds.


  • Also, compressed but files tend to be larger.
  • Use if there is type/text involved.
  • Better for logos online.
  • Allows for transparent backgrounds.
  • Use for email footers.


  • Similar to png but older and was patented.
  • Use png when possible.
  • Less colors available

What about PDF?

PDF images must be converted into a JPEG or PNG. PDF Documents can be added using the Document Manager. 

What's .ai or .eps? 

These are file types you may have gotten from your graphic designer. They're able to be scaled and edited using graphic design programs. Without special programs like Adobe Illustrator you may not be able to open them. They're important for design use, like if you ever need your logo in printed materials, or if you need any alterations in the future so keep track of these files! They won't work to add to your website directly, but if you're working on a project with us please feel free to share them, they're useful for our designer.