Edit Admin and User Email Messages

From the Event Booking dashboard select Emails & Messages.

dash emails messages

There are lots of form messages you can choose to customize but here are the ones we recommend you address:

Form Messages - Registration Form Message

This is the text that will appear right above the fields on your form. You have the option of inserting Tags, ie. fields related to the form. This applies to the all the form messages. 

Note: Whether these messages are used in your particular set up of Event Booking is determined in Configuration.

reg form msg

Form Messages - Thank you Message

This is the message a user receives after they complete the form.

Registration Email Messages - Admin Email Subject & Admin Email Body

This is the message that the Admin will receive when the form is submitted by a user.

Note: You enter your Admin email address under Configuration - Mail Settings.

admin msg

Registration Email Messages - User Email Subject & User Email Body

This is the message emailed to the user is  after they've completed the form.

Registration Email Messages - Reminder Email Subject & Reminder Email Body

If you have set up Reminder in your event, this is the message the user will receive before the event.

Note: To use Reminders you have to enable it in the Event and select the number of days in advance you'd like send the Reminder message.

3. As you edit make sure to click Save. When you are finished click Save & Close.