Women's Risk Needs Assessment

  • Services Provided: Branding & Logos
  • Narrative:

    The University of Utah’s College of Social Work has been working on an assessment to aid women impacted by the criminal justice system. In their words, the goal of the Women’s Risk Needs Assessment (WRNA) is to “measures women's specific criminogenic needs, but also their strengths, to drive a comprehensive, holistic case-plan designed to work alongside women and their gender- and trauma-responsive treatment and supervision.” 

    Women in the criminal justice system have often survived trauma, victimization, abuse, addiction, and unhealthy relationship with partners. They are resourceful and resilient and have overcome adversity on many levels. Their motivation for change is often relationships — with children or other family — that drives them to find healing, hope, and build self-esteem. This assessment has been created by and for these women, and has the potential to make meaningful, lasting change in not only their lives but also the lives of their loved ones.

    Creating a brand was integral for building awareness of the Assessment. A visual identity creates instant impact and is an invaluable asset in showing your audience who you are, what you do, and what you are sharing with the community. The College came to the table prepared: they wanted to convey themes like growth, strength, and empowerment and avoid negative or stereotypical elements like bars, chains, scales, or anything that was counter to an uplifting message. They approached the project with an open mind but had clear objectives, and it made the process smooth from the start. 

    Our designer Delaney initially created three logo concepts — they all fit the criteria given but each offered something different. She presented them alongside examples of how they could be used, in flyers, on lanyards, and more. We like to present varied options to show what directions are possible, and seeing the concepts in use helps contextualize the logos in a way that can often make it easier to connect with them and decide which one feels most applicable for your needs.

    Our team always reviews branding concepts together before we present to a client, offering feedback to help revise and refine before presenting. An exciting part of the process is guessing which direction the client may go in — in this case, we liked them all and couldn’t decide what they would choose. Of the concepts presented, they selected the serene, organic lotus bloom opening up. The petals subtly evoke not only a W, but the central petals also look like a heart. A lotus differs from other aquatic flowers like a lily by being emergent — it rises above the surface. We felt this was a lovely and apt metaphor for the uplifting growth this assessment can aid. 

    Their final branding package included various forms of the logo — primary in horizontal and vertical versions, secondary, and tertiary to provide options depending on how the logo is needed. Each version was provided in color, black, and white, in various file formats for print and digital use. They also received a style guide with details on the branding’s colors and fonts as well as recommendations on how to use all of these branding elements. 

    Third Sun is proud to have helped create a visual presence for WRNA and we look forward to working with the College of Social Work in the future on additional resources to share the Assessment with women in need.