Western Institute for Veterans Research

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Western Institute for Veterans Research

Another long-time client came to us wanting to rename and rebrand their organization. Western Institute for Veterans Research (formerly known as Western Institute for Biomedical Research) wanted to make it clearer through their name that the research they fund benefits veterans and wanted to represent their investigators’ work in a more complete way.

WIVR smaller iPad ProTo that end, this new logo is modern and clean to match the cutting edge (and important) research WIVR’s investigators are doing. The use of bright colors is aligned with a scientific approach representing trust (blue) and also passion and urgency (red). The diamond shapes come together to create a V shape (for veterans), and the colors overlap and combine to represent “bridging the gap” between partners and researchers. This logo is vibrant and eye-catching, without losing its seriousness.

WIVRLogo primary horizontalWIVRLogo primary verticalWIVRLogo secondary

We hope this new look and website continue to attract top researchers and scientists who can help improve the lives of veterans throughout the United States.