Utahns Against Hunger

  • Services Provided: Web Design, Branding & Logos, Copywriting
  • Narrative:

    In June 2017, Third Sun awarded Utahns Against Hunger (UAH) our first Design for Good Grant, a pro bono branding, content strategy, and web design project for a deserving, local nonprofit. 

    Third Sun works extensively with nonprofits so we understand that limited resources and budgets mean there isn’t always time for a critical analysis of content strategy and reflective brand evaluation. That’s why this project was particularly rewarding for us — and hopefully for UAH as well. Our grant allotted adequate time to hone content, develop a strategy, rebrand for who UAH is in 2017, and develop a useful, responsive new website.

    Over the course of nearly 40 years, UAH evolved from a direct services program operated by the Crossroads Urban Center to an advocacy organization run by a dedicated team of policy experts. While the organization grew and shifted focus, its branding was stuck in the past — 1979 to be exact. UAH’s website was loaded with information, but in need of an overhaul to streamline content, improve user navigation, and create visual cues to guide visitors.

    The staff at UAH knows its stuff. They understand federal nutrition programs and how to advocate for the impoverished inside and out. They know how to work with everyone from conservative politicians to anti-poverty NGOs. Our first order of business was to help focus that knowledge-base and expertise and to help them identify audiences and core strengths.

    We conducted interviews with key players: state and federal representatives, local agencies, current staff and board members, and other nonprofits. All voices unanimously agreed: The UAH team is passionate and committed about fighting food insecurity in Utah. Now, it was time to hone their message and clearly communicate what the organization does.

    Content strategy at its essence is getting the right content to the right people at the right time. Sounds easier than it really is. Communicating effectively depends on making smart choices and prioritizing core messages, personas, and resources — elevating key points above the noise.

    UAH was ready and willing to engage more of its supporters as well as potential allies. Third Sun worked with them to develop introductory content for people new to the issues, made clear calls to action, and organized reports so politicians and partner groups can easily find what they need to make their case and contribute to fighting hunger, and ultimately, against poverty.

    The organization was often mistaken for a food pantry instead of a politically-savvy advocacy group. Hunger is the easy-to-grasp issue they fight against, but UAH’s overall purpose is to alleviate poverty by addressing its roots. The existing branding made sense in the early days, but didn’t reflect their current work and served to reinforce the food pantry misconception.

    It was time to put advocacy and social justice up front and leave the grain and fruit behind. In the draft phase, there were versions with subtle nods to the wheat in the original logo, but in the end simplicity, clarity and boldness won out. The result is a streamlined approach with an aspirational upward slope to imply UAH’s constant and committed progress to combat hunger.

    Our Design for Good Grant was created to help a nonprofit take a step forward in its branding, messaging, and web presence. As valuable as it was for Utahns Against Hunger, the project was equally valuable to us as a staff. We pushed ourselves to find the best possible content and design solutions, and along the way received a crash course in the issues surrounding poverty and got to know the amazing and dedicated team from Utahns Against Hunger.

    We hope our contributions help Utahns Against Hunger make a greater impact. We invite you to visit UAH’s new site and while you’re there take some time to learn about their work and find ways you too can advocate for those in need.

    After all, we can all agree, everyone deserves to eat.

When Utahns Against Hunger was awarded the Design for Good website redesign we were thrilled. This not only offered UAH an opportunity to have an updated website, but to rebrand our organization that has been working to fight hunger for nearly 40 years. We could not have had a better partner than Third Sun. They were responsive, engaged and took the time to understand our mission and our work. We not only have a new look and a new website, but a new partner to fulfill our mission. Thank you!

— Gina Cornia, Executive Director, UAH