Utah Soil Health Partnership

  • Services Provided: Web Design
  • Narrative:

    One of the best parts of our job is how much we get to learn about subjects that we may have never encountered before, with great people we are so happy to meet. Working with the Utah Soil Health Partnership was just one of those experiences.

    Healthy soil promotes sustainable, nutritious, and productive agriculture for generations to come. The Utah Soil Health Partnership works to provide a support network for Utah farmers and ranchers trying to implement soil health practices. These practices help to improve soil carbon, water intake and storage, forage and livestock production, and even profits for Utah farmers, meaning healthier and more sustainable food on your table.

    USHP needed to communicate the 6 practices in a visually appealing and direct way. We created a fresh and energetic layout that draws users in and keeps them engaged. Utah Soil Health Partnership had a library of videos that help farmers, ranchers, and enthusiasts learn more about this vital practice. We created an easy-to-use library that will allow USHP to grow their video library for years to come.

    Check out this fun design and learn a little bit about how Utah Soil Health Partnership is working to improve Utah's soil!