Utah Nonprofits Association

  • Services Provided: Web Design
  • Narrative:

    Utah Nonprofits Association is the trusted resource for Utah's nonprofits. With a broad range of resources and services they rally hundreds of nonprofits to work effectively for our community. With a long-term partnership with Third Sun going back to 2006, their website was ready for myriad of updates with with an emphasis on retooling for a new era to best serve their members.

    In virtually every project we work to focus on the importance of a website to meet the needs of its audience — in this case the audience is primarily UNA members and others needing to have a reliable resource for nonprofit issues in Utah. 

    Our updates included improving navigation to aid members in finding what they need, as well as bringing the Credential program back into the website for easier management. We also worked on a new resource library, retooled their “Services for Nonprofits” directory, and retained and recentered popular features including the Job Board and training calendar.

    We appreciate the incredible impact UNA has on the Utah community and are proud of our continued partnership.