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Utah Legal Clinic

The Utah Legal Clinic has a reputation for providing affordable legal services alongside their history of fighting for civil rights in Utah. The organization was in need of a complete rebranding to fuel their presence in the community. Our task was to communicate professionalism with an approachability that is unique to Utah Legal Clinic. We also needed the branding to work alongside their sister organizations and causes, including Utah Civil Rights & Liberties Foundation and Utah Native American Legal Foundation.Utah Legal Clinic Logos

Michael, our Creative Director, came up with a friendly and non-traditional law firm color scheme, and made use of a donated photoshoot from photographer, David Newkirk. Together we made sure to capture visuals that would convey their professionalism and friendliness all at once. Our content team helped craft the home page blocks into a narrative that tells their non-traditional but compelling story of being both a law firm with affordable services as well as a firm with an eye for social good.

Aside from Third Sun’s work on the visual branding and design, a key in the success of this project was the Utah Legal Clinic team’s diligence in accepting and completing their content tasks to downsize, clarify, and communicate their core offerings and consider how they were talking to their range of clients.

The result is a brand and website that feels in harmony with who they are, and we hope the new website and brand enables them to assist many people in our community who need a trusted advocate.

In addition to their usual legal services, they also take on sometimes difficult but important civil rights cases. In support of making our community more fair and just, Third Sun was proud to offer a sizable in-kind contribution to this project and thanks David Newkirk for his pro-bono services as well.