Utah Arts Festival 2022

  • Services Provided: Web Design, Copywriting
  • Narrative:

    Third Sun has been managing the Utah Arts Festival's online presence since 2005. We work every year to make a site that's engaging, energetic, and easy to navigate — learning from each previous year to identify what works best and how to continuously improve for the future.

    The site continually changes throughout the year — from pre-festival application season, to pre-festival artist announcement season, to the full-blown festival website that includes 170+ visual artists and hundreds of performing artists, film screenings, and literary art events. We work collaboratively with the Festival director, a handful of coordinators, their graphic designer and more to weave together a dozen or more elements into a cohesive and useful website. There is also a focus on the mobile aspect of the site since easily more than half of the web traffic is from phones on-site during the Festival.

    In 2020 the website became even more vital when the Festival shifted to an online-only format, in 2021 we gladly brought back a site that highlights and supports an in-person Festival experience. For 2022 the Festival is back in person and continuing on from last year's momentum. We've kept it vibrant, welcoming, and usable, and every area has had some tweaks and updates to hopefully make the site better than ever. We've utilized the graphics in a new way, including some fun movement on the homepage and a bold main menu.

    We hope you get a chance to enjoy the Utah's premiere art gathering this year and in the future!

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