The McGillis School

Web Design
The McGillis School

The McGillis School, a long-time Third Sun client, was primed and ready for a website facelift. With parents accessing much of their kids' information through an LMS (learning management system) platform, we were tasked to help re-envision the purpose of the website to tell the McGillis Story, inviting prospective parents to catch a glimpse of what sets the McGillis School apart and consider becoming part of the McGillis community.

Through a series of interviews with teachers, parents, and administrators, key themes emerged that helped us build core messages and visuals to express the everyday joy that the McGillis community experiences.

We worked through the existing web content to reposition it for interested parents to understand more easily what McGillis has to offer. This involved streamlining the menu navigation options and condensing various pages to create more clarity for users.