The INN Between

  • Services Provided: Web Design
  • Narrative:

    Long-time client The INN Between came to us for a clean-up and redesign of their website we created for them way back in 2016. They wanted a cleaner, modernized site that conveys the peaceful atmosphere of their facility.

    We worked with them to re-organize their content and make it easier for service providers to find necessary information quickly. Clarifying their calls to action was an important step in the process — we did this by creating a menu navigation geared toward what a user wants to do and what the organization needs most.

    The news and blog are a vital part of The INN Between. We developed a feed on the homepage with a large featured section to display important or special messages and events. We also created an easy-to-update section honoring the lives of their clients.

    We love working with The INN Between after all of these years. Their work to create dignity for people who are dealing with medical issues and who need hospice is an essential service in our community. We are honored to have designed their websites and look forward to working with them for years to come!