SLC Sustainability Department

  • Services Provided: Graphics & Illustration, Copywriting, Print Design
  • Narrative:

    For the past several years, Third Sun has worked with Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Department on custom wrap designs for the city’s garbage truck fleet. The purpose of the wraps is to share information on recycling and sustainability in Salt Lake. They’re an excellent tool for sharing ideas and information on how everyone can make a difference and effectively manage their waste. Each year we’ve focused on different themes and messaging — last year we had sleek-looking quotations on sustainability and the environment, and this year we decided to have a little fun with some custom illustrations and taglines. 

    The Sustainability Department had a lot of great leads for our team to start with, and we used those as a jumping off point to brainstorm ideas and created a moodboard for the project’s look, sound, and feel. We decided that funny (or punny) phrases could be a memorable way to get people thinking about garbage and recycling, starting with ideas like: 

    “No Time to Waste — we’re working towards zero waste by 2040!” and "Let’s talk trash!” 

    We wanted to keep the messages short and snappy so they’d be easy to read on the go, and paired them with eye-catching visuals to ensure they’d stand out. We started with a few phrases and our designer Delaney came up with custom illustrations to bring them to life. We worked together with the Sustainability Department to fine tune and get the messaging just right, and created 5 designs with versions in both English and Spanish to ensure we reach more of our Salt Lake community. 

    Here are some previews of the 2020 trucks — keep an eye out for the real deal, and check out the Sustainability Department’s website for guides and tips on how you can properly manage your household waste and have a positive impact on our local environment.