Salt Lake Acting Company

  • Services Provided: Web Design, Graphics & Illustration
  • Narrative:

    One of our favorite 2021 projects is the newly redesigned website for our long-time client, Salt Lake Acting Company (SLAC). The site launched right in time to celebrate their 50th season! We've worked with them for years, and when it came time to redesign the website, accessibility was at the forefront of the discussion. For SLAC — and many other clients — this focus on an accessibility-first site has not always been a given, so we adjusted and expanded our process to make sure accessibility was considered at each step of the project. We've dedicated an entire blog post to detailing our collaboration with the SLAC team on the site's accessibility efforts.

    In an indicator that accessibility can be truly overarching, it tied into many of the additional initial goals we had for the site. For example, we needed to pare down and simplify SLAC's existing navigation — this is a common project goal for us, and it absolutely ties into accessibility and the user's experience. We also knew from the beginning of the project that we wanted to create a new design that still captured the wild spirit of SLAC while feeling fresh and new.

    For the design, we wanted to create a cohesive and immersive experience, with SLAC's online presence echoing its newly-renovated physical space. Our designer Delaney arrived at an extensive color palette with motifs like leopard print and bold shapes to incorporate throughout the website. Though we used the space for loose inspiration to inspire our own design elements, eagle-eyed visitors can find some common threads like leopard print in the newly designed theater.

    The site also features newly designed page layouts for the season's plays. The new design helps SLAC show off their upcoming productions in a fun way. The pages are set up to help SLAC input the details easily to ensure their audience can find what they need.

    We valued the opportunity to work on a site with a focus on accessibility that our whole team learned from along the way, and we loved working with a bold design that proves accessible sites definitely don't have to be dull. Check out the site and maybe we'll see you at an upcoming show!