Publik Coffee

  • Services Provided: Web Design, Graphics & Illustration, Copywriting
  • Narrative:

    You’ve probably seen Publik Coffee around town. In Salt Lake’s burgeoning coffee community they’ve set themselves apart as a roastery dedicated to high-quality coffee and an excellent experience. They approach each step of the process with intent — from carefully sourcing green coffee, to having a knowledgeable staff, and finally in how they value their discerning customers. They know that coffee is about community, in fact, their name Publik is derived from the Dutch word for ‘Community’. And they do this all with a cheeky and bold attitude.

    Publik came to Third Sun for a website redesign that would help meet their current needs and fit their personality. One of the key elements they wanted was a colorful way to represent their ever-changing coffee offerings. We worked with the roastery to design a grid that reflects the current coffee tasting notes and can be updated as the offerings change. Along with the designed grid for their coffees, we integrated their Shopify store — offering coffee and assorted merchandise — into the website for a clean and cohesive shopping experience.

    Other key goals for the project included representing Publik’s four different cafes and restaurants, and making it easy to learn about and book their event space. We reorganized and prioritized content and menus to make navigation easy and consistent, and help communicate what Publik’s about — all while maintaining their unique voice. If you want to grab a great bag of coffee or simply learn more about the company or their process check the all new site out!