Mighty Penguin

  • Services Provided: Web Design, Copywriting
  • Narrative:

    Here at Third Sun we pride ourselves on our passion for helping nonprofits succeed, and we're lucky to know many others who feel the same. When the local nonprofit consulting firm, Mighty Penguin, approached us for content development and a website redesign, we knew it was a perfect match. Based in Salt Lake City, Mighty Penguin uses their depth and breadth of expertise to help nonprofits and small businesses achieve their goals.

    With a fun name and striking logo, designing their website begged for a unique approach. Drawing on the tenacity and playful nature of penguins, we were inspired to develop creative positioning language ("We help our clients defy expectations") paired with a video featuring a brave little penguin jumping into the water, inspiring others to follow its lead. An homage to the strength and determination of Mighty Penguin's clients, this jumping off point made it easy to continue the theme through with client profiles and testimonials.

    Mighty Penguin's impressive portfolio is on display in their client profiles, featuring the ways their clients have made a difference in their communities with the guidance and support of Mighty Penguin. We know their experience helps many organizations level-up, expand, and thrive in conditions that are sometimes tricky and hostile.

    We always enjoy working with clients whose values align closely with our own, and our working relationship and partnership with Mighty Penguin was a great experience.

    Be sure to reach out to them if you're looking for consultants who offer winning strategies and customized assistance for the problems you're trying to solve!

penguins leaping into icy water