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Land Cruiser Heritage Museum

Have you ever taken a trip to the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum in downtown Salt Lake? If you have, then you know it’s an expansive collection of Land Cruiser vehicles and memorabilia that aims high: the goal of the museum is to acquire and display one of every model of Land Cruiser ever produced, which is well over 100 models!

The founder, Greg Miller, is passionate about the collection and the reasoning behind it, saying, “When I’m in a Land Cruiser, I’m usually in a place I love, with people I love, doing what I love."

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With that passion in mind, Greg and his team came to Third Sun seeking a website that would share all the museum has to offer, with detailed catalogs of their vehicles and memorabilia, in-depth reference guides, and even a virtual tour of the museum! Wrangling and organizing the thousands of images, descriptions, charts, and other resources was a monumental task, and at Third Sun we love a challenge! Our project manager Sabriel was meticulous — working hard to ensure each detail was well-organized and easy to find.

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With their trove of information it was important to ensure the design would draw users in and create an experience where you can truly connect to the Museum. Sabriel and our designer Delaney worked together to craft the look and feel of the site, with Delaney including unique touches like a Land Cruiser steering wheel motif, rugged mountains, and a handy illustrated map to get to the museum.

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If you’re in the mood for adventure but don’t want to leave the house hop over to the site for a virtual tour and learn all about Land Cruiser history, design, and more! We also highly recommend visiting their incredible collection in person when you get a chance — it’s seriously impressive!