June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program

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June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program

Over the years we’ve worked on many projects for nonprofit organizations, including quite a few involved in preserving and cultivating outdoor spaces, and recently we had the pleasure of wrapping up a project for a nonprofit effort that was quite distinctive. In their own words, “The June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program, a multi-agency effort, represents a successful working model, engaging local stakeholders — residents, business owners, policy makers, civic leaders, and scientists — in a multi-faceted effort to balance water resource needs for humans with species-recovery efforts in Utah Lake.”

June Sucker iPad Pro Mockup

The June sucker is a fish that is special for a few reasons — as one of Utah Lake’s original 13 native fish that has survived but listed as “endangered” for several decades, it is an “indicator” species for the health of the Utah Lake ecosystem as a whole. The June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program (JSRIP) has been working hard for years to boost the June sucker population through multiple targeted efforts.

June sucker webpage mockup

We wanted to build a site for them that would tell the June sucker story in a more complete way. We drafted more compelling copy and created custom-illustrated graphics with a fun, visual layout complete with animated bubbles that feels like you’re descending into Utah Lake to visit the June sucker.

June sucker bubbles animation

We were thrilled to hear that right around the time the site went live, the June sucker was downlisted from endangered to threatened thanks to the dedication of the JSRIP and its stakeholders. Check out the site to learn more about this special little fish!