Get Healthy Utah

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    Working towards a healthier community is a goal many of us share and try to implement in our daily lives. Get Healthy Utah works with schools, workplaces, and local governments to create changes that improve the health of our Utah communities. They do this by focusing on four vital pillars to a living a healthier life:

    Active Living
    Healthy Eating
    Mental Wellness
    Working Together

    Get Healthy Utah came to us to help create a clean, beautiful, informative site focusing on a resource library for each of these pillars. They also needed an organized and eye-catching way to feature the communities in Utah that are already working hard to help their citizens live healthier lives. Recognized as a "Health Utah Community," a city can be designated when it meets certain criteria to create more access to healthy food, walking trails, mental health resources, and more.

    Get Healthy Utah has conducted a thorough Values Study that is also featured on the site. This helps community leaders better understand what their constituency cares about and what areas may need attention.

    Get Healthy Utah focuses on reaching community leaders and inspiring real policy change. Their website displays the successes, problem areas, and resources that help make our communities healthier. Check out their site for some lovely, fun graphics and to learn how our communities are working to make their citizens' lives better!