Get Healthy Utah

  • Services Provided: Graphics & Illustration, Print Design
  • Narrative:

    In addition to helping clients create compelling websites and branding, our Third Sun team also enjoys designing pieces that will get printed and used in a variety of ways. Often clients know what content they need to present but are stuck on how to present it. Between designing an eye-catching layout and developing action-oriented and concise language, Third Sun helps package concepts into designed pieces that communicate effectively with our clients' audiences.

    The health education folks at Get Healthy Utah came to us looking for an educational tool that could be used in a few ways — as a flyer to send home with students, hung as a poster in a classroom or cafeteria, used as an infographic online, and more. The dual-language design is clear, concise, and colorful — making it a fun and easy way to educate students and parents alike.

    If you're ever looking for how we can help you create similar dynamic designs, reach out and let us know!