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Four Points Community Health Centers

The Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah operates four community health centers in central and southern Utah. What to call them was one of the key issues they asked us to solve. Operating under the name Paiute Community Health Center, they had a perception problem. Too many members of the broader community assumed the facilities were only for tribal members. In addition to creating a modern, responsive and easy-to-navigate website, they looked to us for renaming and rebranding for the entire organization.

The website was the most straightforward of the tasks, especially after teaming up with Salt Lake City-based photographer David Newkirk for images of the staff, facilities and surrounding area. Renaming the organization proved a much more challenging task. It was critical to the Paiute tribe to ensure the new name was still representative of the tribe. Working closely with the centers’ administration, we landed on Four Points. The name alludes to the concept of four winds (directions) and points, or arrowheads (the Paiutes are particularly known for their skill in crafting arrowheads).

For the logo we merged the existing feather artwork with a clearer, medical feel and new typography. We created a color palette to fit in with the centers' geographic locations.

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