Design for Good 2023 Application

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Please provide a brief description of your organization (1-2 sentences) *
Has your organization received our Design for Good grant in the past?*
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How long has your organization been operating? *
What is your organizational budget? *
What amount of your total budget is devoted to marketing and/or website? *
What are your primary sources of funding? *
How many paid staff does your organization have? *
Do you have a strategic plan? *
Whom does your organization serve? *
What geographical areas do you serve? *
What services or programming do you provide to your constituents? *
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How has your organization been impacted by the pandemic and other events over the past couple years? *
What considerations does your organization have for being responsive and sensitive to issues of diversity, equality, and inclusion? *
How would our contribution help you fulfill your mission and advance your organizational goals? Be specific and tell us about anticipated impact. *
To whom do you need to communicate? Who are your primary audiences? *
What are your greatest needs?
New website
New branding/logo
Content strategy
Graphic design
Style guide
Tell us more specifics about your needs. *
Do you have recent professional photographs of your organization and staff? *
Do you currently use an email campaign software? If so, what do you use? *
Do you currently have a CRM (constituent relationship management) or donor database system? If so, what do you use? *
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Will you be able to budget ongoing support costs for your website after the initial year? ($1200 - $1500) *
Who will be responsible for maintaining the website? *
Who will be on the website project team? Please list and describe. *
Are you a member of the Utah Nonprofits Association (UNA)?*
With regard to this project, who will be the final decision-maker(s) for the organization? *
Is your board of directors in support of your efforts to undergo this branding and website design project? Please tell us about their support. *
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Can you adhere to the stated timeline (starting June 1 with anticipated completion by September)? Please let us know of any conflicts. *

Please submit a letter of reference specifically for this project that speaks to your organization’s need and strengths. This should be from a community partner or donor. *

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Are you willing to be interviewed as part of the application process if you are chosen as a finalist?*
How did you hear about this opportunity? *
Are there any other comments or anything else you’d like us to know that was not covered above?
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