• Services Provided: Web Design, Branding & Logos
  • Narrative:

    From our founding in 2005, Third Sun has always offered in-kind and affordable services, advice, and support to nonprofits. In 2017 we created the Design for Good Community Grant as an additional outlet to focus our in-kind work on one nonprofit. We couldn't choose just one organization this year, so first up is the Utah African American Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation.

    The UAACC Charitable Foundation was founded by the Utah Black Chamber in 2018 to further its mission to improve the overall economic development of Utah’s Black community, including growing more Black businesses, strengthening and deepening the pipeline of Black talent for Utah corporations, and building Black wealth overall.

    Though they've been around for a few years, the Charitable Foundation didn't have its own dedicated branding and online presence. First we tackled the logo, drawing inspiration from their sister organization, the Black Success Center, to create a cohesive word mark with a complementary graphic. 

    Next we created a clean and well organized site for this growing organization. They have many partners under their umbrella (see them all here) and we wanted to make the relationships clear and easy to understand. We also wanted to highlight the community of Black business owners in the valley and across Utah — achieving that goal with a bright gallery on the homepage.

    This website was created to scale up with the organization as it grows—providing areas for events, future programs, and donations to help support the Black community. We are excited to see UAACC's impact grow and feel honored to help further their mission.