Michael Yount

creative director


Michael is a words and pictures man. Long before he joined Third Sun, Michael was designing, writing, editing, and marketing. He honed his skills in journalism for a decade before founding his own design firm, Y Design. Later he worked as marketing director for Salt Lake City’s Jewish Community Center.

At Third Sun, he leads brand development and logo design, sharpens the look of our clients’ websites, and provides a critical eye to every aspect of our designs. You can find him finessing a font or grooming some copy while wearing some super cool socks.

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Utah
  • Expertise: Spotting a good font at 50 paces, crafting great logos, and finding Third Sun’s next design challenge.
  • In the Community: His “Little City” is living as Fleet at the corner of 800 South and 400 West.
  • Neighborhood: The Avenues

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