Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are active community members and problem solvers who see our work as a vehicle for change.

Our Team

Some of us found our way out West and some of us sprung up straight from the foothills of the Wasatch Front, but all of us call this state home. Founded in Salt Lake City in 2005 by Troy Mumm and Jocelyn Kearl, Third Sun has helped hundreds of clients with web design, branding, and messaging.

We have grown into a small but mighty group of people who strive to stay curious and seek out new ideas and better processes. We aren’t perfect but we genuinely care about our clients, our work, our team, and our community. It doesn’t get much better than working with dedicated people who bring their best to the table for the common good.

What drives us...

Work hard. Be honest. Do good.

These our the values that drive our work every day. We understand budget constraints, wearing more than one hat, the long haul and the big picture, as we strive to make all of that work in the real world. We take the time to get to know our clients and identify your voice, needs, and audience. We want to understand your passion and what your message is, and then help you elevate it.

We support and empower our clients to be successful in managing their brands and websites — because we care.

Great design is simple and beautiful.

We believe good design is on purpose, a conscious effort to solve problems and connect real people to something that moves them. Creative work is a process of research, brainstorms, iteration, and refinement; often it’s never really done but it’s the intentional effort and timely evolution that meet the needs for that moment.

We take structure and usability seriously. We have a personal approach ー no templates, no chatbots, or other outsourced junk that separates us from building relationships directly our clients.

Better websites build a better community.

There are endless sizes and types of organizations, and we’ve found we are in our sweet spot when we’re working with nonprofits and local entrepreneurs in Utah and beyond. We help refine communication and messaging so clients can connect with their audiences in a meaningful way.

We get excited about doing good things in our community, and we’re fans of so many others in our community who feel that way, too. We work hard to provide quality services and support so that clients can focus on what they are good at and make our world just a little bit better.

Designing for Good (and Fun)

Living and working in an ever-evolving Salt Lake City allows us to be surrounded a community that truly thrives when its members care and work to make it better. Inspired by many others who’ve come before us, we have several projects that we have created to contribute to what we think makes SLC a great place to live:

  • Design for Good Community Grant Program — An annual in-kind effort when we offer design and consulting services to local organizations who are making a difference in Utah.
  • The Neighborhood Project — An artistic collaborative project bringing together designers and creators to celebrate neighborhoods in Salt Lake and beyond.
  • Utah Ale Trail — A never-ending quest to find a great place to hang out with great people, we showcase Utah’s eclectic breweries and burgeoning beer scene, with seasonal events like the Fall Crawl with passports and prizes. We love an excuse to raise a glass with friends!

Community Sponsorships

Since the beginning, we’ve provided hundreds of hours and dozens of websites in-kind to nonprofit organizations in Utah. Here is a handful of those partners we support through sponsorships.

  • Utah Arts Festival
  • Downtown Farmers Market in Salt Lake City
  • Wasatch Community Gardens Plant Sale
  • TEDx Salt Lake City
  • Utah Nonprofits Association
  • Utah Philanthropy Day
  • Art x Arc

We also provide in-kind or discounted services to many nonprofit organizations in Utah.

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