Why Our Experience Working at Nonprofits Matters

July 25, 2016 Written by Third Sun

I met with a potential client recently and was doing my usual introduction, including addressing the question about why Third Sun has a niche in the nonprofit community. “My business partner and I have nonprofit backgrounds so we speak the language and understand the challenges and benefits of nonprofit work.” As it came out of my mouth, I realized that I needed to amend my stump intro — because Third Sun now boasts a team of four, and all four of us have nonprofit experience, a quality I think that easily sets us apart from other companies in town. 

Our newest team member and new Client & Program Manager, Johnnae, worked in Oakland, California, doing digital marketing strategy for the Pesticide Action Network, while Michael, our Creative Director, was Marketing Director at the Jewish Community Center here in Salt Lake City. Troy and I worked for the nonprofit community radio station KRCL — Troy in operations and programming, and me as the development director. Prior to that I spent time as a grant writer in Los Angeles working for a Palestinian/Jewish Peace project.  

No doubt, all of us have benefited personally from these nonprofit experiences we’ve had because nonprofit work is rewarding and distinct in its effort to make something better about our world and communities. But what does it mean for our clients at Third Sun?  

It means…

1) We know what it is to be part of a cause.

2) We know how to do more with less.

3) We know how to creatively solve problems.

Like many of you who work to better your communities through your nonprofit work, we approach our work at Third Sun with an eye to the impact we can have. We’re proud of our in-kind contributions to various organizations mostly in and around Salt Lake City, but we also pride ourselves in being an affordable and reliable partner to nonprofits throughout the state of Utah and beyond, hoping that our partnership helps clients become more effective in spreading their messages and engaging donors, volunteers, and patrons. 

We're proud that more than 100 of our 220 clients are nonprofits. We're proud that — just in 2016 — we have launched 23 websites for nonprofit clients.

As we keep building our team, Third Sun remains committed to serving the nonprofit community, and you can count on our nonprofit experience to inform us about how we can help you be successful. We know the nonprofit industry collectively makes our community a better place to live and work.

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