When You Festival, Go Mobile

June 16, 2016 Written by Jocelyn Kearl

You’ve been hearing about the mobile revolution for the last couple of years and we’re squarely in the middle of it at this point. No matter your business, today’s users — not to mention Google — expect a quality mobile browsing experience.

At Third Sun, we've been incorporating this shift into our process for the last couple years. Mobile isn’t an afterthought. For certain sites, we’ve adjusted our way of thinking to match the traffic. If any site demands this mobile-first approach, it’s the Utah Arts Festival.

In honor of its “40 Years New” campaign, we designed a graceful and useful updated look in advance of the 2016 Festival. The real value of the site will be apparent during the Festival itself. That’s when thousands of Festival-goers turn to their smartphones to find out who’s playing on what stage, where a particular artist’s booth is, or what they want to eat.

We added clear, simple and intuitive navigation. Plus, we pulled out the most frequently visited pages of the site — schedule, headliners, and tickets and map — with clear top level links. From there, it’s easy to scroll and browse by event type.

We’re confident this year each attendee will find just what they need to enjoy the Festival to its fullest. And as for the last 11 festivals, Third Sun proudly sponsors again this year.

Visit uaf.org and plan your festival!