Welcome Johnnae to the Third Sun Team!

June 16, 2016 Written by Third Sun

In its eleventh year, Third Sun Productions is getting bigger and badder — in the best way possible. With the addition of our fourth full-time team member, we have gained a huge asset for our ongoing effort to help our nonprofit and small business clients communicate online effectively. Johnnae Nardone joins Third Sun as its Client & Program Manager. With Johnnae, we will further our work to help clients integrate their online efforts so they can meet their organizational and campaign goals. She will also be providing training and support to clients.

Having a lot of experience working with a small team of smart, passionate people who are determined to make an impact, Johnnae promises to fit right in with Third Sun and its clients. Previously, she worked for an Oakland, California based nonprofit managing social media, emails alerts, online appeals, website content and blogs (as well as producing offline materials).

Well-versed in the art of making the most of online communications with minimal resources, Johnnae is excited to share her experience and knowledge with Utah’s small businesses and nonprofits. "Often you don’t have the budget for your own social media expert nor do you really need a dedicated person if you’re a small organization. In place of that you need a plan, and you need to know enough to execute it," says Johnnae.

As she helps organizations put all the pieces together and see the big picture, Johnnae will empower our clients to understand how each communication effort — each blog post, each tweet, each email — works together and toward a strategic goal. Often an outside perspective with specific know-how is just what is needed.

Look for Johnnae around town walking her English Mastiff named Babe, teaching yoga, or riding her bike.