The Feathers of a Mascot

November 06, 2018 Written by Michael Yount

Over the summer we worked with Saint Marguerite Catholic School in Tooele on a successful rebranding project. The new logo felt at home in a Catholic school, but the vivid color palette added a level of vibrancy and energy. Shortly after the initial project wrapped up, the staff asked us to do the same for its mascot — from the name to the design.

After a few rounds of research and discussion, we officially made the switch from Mountaineers to Golden Eagles then set our sights on the look. We brought in local illustrator Evan Murphy who was able to hone the design to perfection. Being an elementary school, it was a delicate balance between a traditional mascot aesthetic (college or pro level) and something more suited for this age group. Early versions felt a little too fierce, so we subtly dialed back the aggressiveness in the eyes and softened the talons for the final version. We can’t wait to see how it looks on a basketball court or PE uniform.

Jersey closeup sport logo