Support Sets Us Apart

January 22, 2018 Written by Johnnae Nardone
One of the things that sets us apart from most design companies is that once your website is live, you still get to have us as part of your team. Through our annual Support Agreement, clients access assistance and services, both technical and marketing. We want to highlight just a few of its benefits to help you understand what you’re receiving with your Support Agreement.


This is the sometimes-forgotten, not-so-glamorous part of web development. The internet is an ever-changing and evolving entity so the bits and pieces that make up your website must be updated for usability and for security. That means your content management system (CMS) requires software updates to plugins and other components we use to create additional functionality on your website.

It’s not the fun stuff, but you don’t have to worry about it because we handle it for you. 


We all need help sometimes, and sometimes it’s easier to have a human to ask questions, not just Google. Often maintaining the website is not the first responsibility in your job description, so you forget how to do things. When this happens you can send an email to Third Sun Support and usually get a reply the same day (often the same hour) from Troy, Jocelyn, or Johnnae.

Plus things change at your organization, and (hopefully) your website does too. The time will come when you need to remove a section or add a new feature. We are here to help you adapt and make those changes to keep your website in harmony with who your organization is today, not just who it was a year ago. 


From the beginning, Third Sun’s mission was to make digital tools easy to use so nonprofits and businesses could be empowered to grow and thrive.

To put this ongoing goal into action, we offer trainings throughout the year to our clients. In a small group setting we help clients get more comfortable using their site, improve their email marketing, or just become more confident talking about their programs and services. In addition to our trainings, we blog to offer more perspective on what’s going on in the world of branding and digital communications. 

We're Here, When You Need Us

Our goal is helping clients be more effective and impactful by using their communication tools effectively. Providing the support you need to do this has been part of Third Sun’s DNA from day one, and we’re always working to make it better.

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