Salt Lake Acting Company: Taking Flight

September 29, 2015 Written by Jocelyn Kearl

SLAC has trusted us to build its websites for years. Last week's launch was the third iteration. This time around, they pushed us for a bolder, modern look – one that more closely resembled the tone and style of the organization. SLAC is billing their 45th anniversary as a “Season in Flight” and asked us to make the new site soar.

The SLAC staff was particularly open to substantial design changes. That coupled with collaboration between our staff and theirs during each phase of the project, made for a special project. In the end, the visual results are a striking, but the real success of the site is the enhancement to the user experience — and not just the home page.

We developed a customized set of slides for the entire 2015-16 season, giving the site both a bold introduction as well as a cohesive style. Most importantly, that style could be replicated in house during the course of the season. From there, we added callouts below the main slider to clearly promote key areas: the current season, tickets, support/donations and, of course, “Saturday’s Voyeur.” We also added stylized flyout menus for quick access to basic info like box office hours and visual links to the plays.

While the home got plenty of attention, the biggest refinements may have come on the subpages. They are much cleaner, heavily styled and easier to navigate now than ever before. Plus, links to ticket purchasing and donations are clear and omnipresent.

Take it for a test flight: