Make the Jump to Joomla 5!

Make the Jump to Joomla 5!

We've been letting Third Sun clients know for the last couple of years about the need to upgrade their Joomla platforms with us. Many have done it already, and enjoyed new refreshed designs plus the peace of mind with enhanced security and really great accessibility tools that are essential these days.

What is the Upgrade?

All software platforms go through major upgrades to keep up with the latest browsers, devices, and user needs. Joomla 3 met its end-of-life in August 2023, so technically, Joomla 3 websites are now incompatible with new web server technology. This will lead to compatibility issues that impact your website's tools and performance. 

The only solution is to to migrate your current Joomla 3 site to Joomla 5, and we strongly recommend this happens in the next 6-12 months to avoid issues.

But of course, we know: TL;DR

So let's start with this form and begin the conversation!

This is my next step:*
I'd like to meet with a group of Third Sun clients for a Joomla 5 demo to see what's so great.
I need a proposal from Third Sun to get this in my budget.
I already have a proposal from Third Sun, but I need to figure out my budget and timing.
I like being stuck in the dark ages of the internet.

Tell us about what has changed with your organization or business since we last designed your website: Have you had leadership changes or staff changes? Any changes to your programming or products? Do you need to review your branding as part of this project (either by doing brand refresh or a completely new logo design)? 

File Upload (Not required but if you have anything to upload that provides more info on this project, please do so.)
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