Great Sources for FREE Stock Photos

September 23, 2016 Written by Third Sun
From Unsplash From Unsplash

Good photography is essential is modern web design.  If you can't afford custom photography, there are many great stock photo sites out there. At Third Sun we often use Deposit Photos, Big Stock Photo, and Dreamstime.   Paid stock photo sites have rates that vary widely, so check out all the options carefully.

Recently, we've come across more and more free photography sites.  Some of these provide images of great quality, and they are often more unique then you'll get from commercial stock sites.   Be sure to check each sites terms of use, and attribution requirements. 

Free Stock Photo Sites

Zoommy - this inexpensive app is a great way to browse these and many other free stock photo sites. 

Remember to always respect the work of photographers and never use photos that you don't have clear permission to use, and use attribution when required.