Branding: A Refreshing Alternative

October 25, 2015 Written by Jocelyn Kearl

No doubt, our Creative Director would love to produce a comprehensive new identity, complete with a 40-page style guide and an exhaustive explanation of why Verlag is the perfect typeface to represent your business or organization. But let’s face it, budgets, time, and organizational attachment to your logo may prevent an undertaking of that significance.

You may simply need a logo that doesn’t look like clipart.

Or, maybe your logo has good bones, but just needs a little remodeling. It’s a ’70s rambler in a great neighborhood.

In the last year, we’ve helped a number of clients “refresh” their existing logo. Sometimes, it’s as easy as a new color palette and updated typography. Other times, it’s more substantial like in the case of the University Press of Colorado, a full-fledged rebranding project.

For University Press of Colorado, we maintained the spirit of the previous logo which allowed for continuity between older and newer publications. But the change in shape and color created a sense of space by alluding to the Flatirons outside of Boulder.

The end result was a modern — and hopefully more timeless — look that works across all digital, social and print platforms.

See complete University Press of Colorado branding portfolio.

colorado before after

Before & After

Sometimes subtle changes can make a big difference. Maybe your logo looks great on a business card, but doesn't work well in the mobile view or on your Facebook page. There are a number of ways to tweak, update and refine your logo — and often without starting from scratch. Here's a sampling of some recent projects:

before after logos

All four of these projects were done in conjunction with web development. See the sites:

University Press of Colorado
Red Barn Trees
GTS Development
Canyon Creek Women's Crisis Center


Time for a New Logo?

If you feel like your company or organization is in need of a refresh, let us know. This approach can save time, expense and the disruption that can arise in a full rebranding project.

And if you're looking for a more substantial, full-scale identity package, we can handle that too.

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