RoHa Brewing Project

  • Services Provided: Web Design, Branding & Logos, Graphics & Illustration, Copywriting, Print Design, Campaign Concept
  • Narrative:

    The team at Third Sun can unequivocally and unanimously agree on one thing: beer. So given the opportunity to work with a start-up craft brewery on its branding and identity in 2016 made market research an endeavor for everyone’s road trips and travels.

    Our task with the RoHa boys was to help them communicate their identity, while the logo design was already underway with the talented Nick Larson. To develop a “brand blueprint,” we set up interviews with all three of the founders individually so we could get at angles of their story they may not have told while they were all together. Indeed, what we found were great nuggets of detail to help us write an insightful story of how they came to be the RoHa Brewing Project. Plus we got to talk about beer notebooks, Franken-brewing, and why session IPAs are not a thing. Our jobs are hard.

    The result was a document that can grow with them together with their identified mission, vision, positioning statement, and brand attributes and personality.

    Another part of the assignment was to help RoHa settle on beer names. The challenge in the age of microbreweries is to come up with something unique, but also to add to the personality of the brewery. We developed naming guidelines to govern how beers will get named for RoHa — and look forward to ordering a Back Porch, Three Deep, Thursday IPA, Kensington, and Big Green Couch at our local bars soon.

    Typography can set the stage, say something without crowding up the conversation, and in general make something look just that much more refined and deliver the visual impact that a beer label should. Working closely with Nick, we felt the original choice for the primary “RoHa” typeface wasn’t doing the job; it was just too weak. We eventually landed on the slab serif Vitesse, which provided the right amount of weight and complemented the secondary typeface, Quantico — a perfect pairing of traditional and modern.

    During the course of creating the brand blueprint, we also worked through secondary type decisions for online headers and label printing.

    The last key decision was color. We needed colors to both complement the bright green from the primary mark and a palette that supported the brand’s outdoor flavor. In the end we took some inspiration from some copper tent poles and paired the signature green with a combination of rich, somewhat earthy tones.

    As with any start-up, the first website was only the beginning. Since opening, RoHa has expanded its beer portfolio, taproom, and developed a strong following in Utah and beyond. Like all good brands, they are evolving, and we've been happy to be part of their marketing team designing posters, consulting on beer names, writing microcopy, reviewing packaging, and more. 

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Third Sun. From taking us from idea conception to launch, it has been a smooth yet enlightening experience. Third Sun has made us more knowledgeable about the process of building a successful, user friendly, and visually appealing website. Our future plans definitely include Third Sun.

— Chris Haas, Brewmaster

RoHa logo master

RoHa beers