Join Us for Murals & Munchies

September 11, 2018 Written by Jocelyn Kearl

We’re excited that our ’hood here at 900 South (aka the Granary District) is getting some new artwork created by local artists. 

Eleven new murals are popping up to add to an already dynamic neighborhood where you can enjoy a beer at Fisher or Kiitos, relax with coffee at Maud's Cafe, buy awesome donuts at The Big O Doughnuts (and they're even vegan), enjoy lunch or dinner at Meditrina or Laziz, and roll next door to Waterwitch. Not to mention the art studios, salons, boutiques, and other local businesses starting to thrive in the area.

You’re invited to join Third Sun on Saturday, September 29, 5pm–8pm at our office (422 W. 900 S. #107) to celebrate the new murals with Artspace, Salt Lake City’s Redevelopment Agency, and the artists themselves. Stop by for a bite to eat and take a self-guided mural tour. 

Meet Us at the Murals.