Google's Algorithm Change Impacts Non-Mobile Websites

April 24, 2015 Written by Third Sun

This week Google changed its algorithm, which in and of itself is hardly news. It happens quite frequently actually - as in hundreds of times a year. But this one is major and causing a stir.


Because Google is taking a pretty big step that could impact millions of websites.


Because Google is going to give more page ranking status to mobile-friendly websites.

What does this mean for you?

If you’ve done a design with Third Sun in the last 2 years, more than likely, your website already mobile friendly because in that time we’ve pretty exclusively designed with what’s known as “mobile responsive design.”

If you haven’t done a design with us recently, more than likely your website is not mobile friendly in the way Google wants it to be. Most of its requirements are actually quite sensible in this mobile device moment that we live in:

  • Text needs to be easy to read
  • Menu navigation needs to be accessible
  • Older flash or other content that requires plugins needs to be changed for mobile friendly and playable content

We know many of you will need some help in making this adjustment.

Here is an excellent post on how to prepare by Computer World >

Buyers Beware

Please beware of unscrupulous characters telling you that you will be “removed from Google” as this does NOT appear to be true nor is it a fair and honest way to gather business. Do you need to ascertain the status of your mobile website? Yes. Do you need to be alarmed that nobody will ever find your website again. No. But it is something you should take seriously and take measures to adjust if you rely on Google to drive search traffic to your website.


In most cases, to adapt your website to a more mobile friendly status will take at least a couple of hours. For older websites, you should also consider the possibility making a larger investment to upgrade and have the template redesigned completely in a responsive way.


Contact  for more info or if you are not sure about your mobile friendly status and we’ll be happy to help.