Sabriel Gee

client success manager


Sabriel is an eager learner, adventurer, and all-around general dabbler. A Utah native, she is interested in local ecologies and how humans connect to the land and to each other. As Client & Program Manager at Third Sun, Sabriel offers an insightful approach to help clients elevate their operations through project management, client interaction, and software integration.

Sabriel spends her time traipsing in the desert with her new and first dog named Kodi, partner, and little one. She is a member of the Utah Tea Guild, loves to eat and make Indian food, and works to love life as much as it loves her.

  • Education: Studied English and History at the University of Utah with a minor in environmental studies.
  • Expertise: Helping clients use tools efficiently, plus she knows how to brew the perfect cup o' tea.
  • In the Community: Most recently working as the general manager for Maud's Café, Sabriel saw firsthand the empowering nature of meaningful work as she developed a training program for youth experiencing homelessness.
  • Neighborhood: Sugarhouse

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